"Help I'm in desperate need of glasses comissions" open

2014-05-13 00:19:02 by LithiumLover194

My mom has been waiting for years to be able to get new glasses, and now we can afford it, mine break. We cant afford two new glasses, so I’m trying to raise my own money for mine. I need help. Contact me please if you’re interested. I’m open to any idea and I’ll do my best to get the picture to you within two days



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2014-05-13 03:14:07

I'm surprised you haven't been a little more social here O_O Takes a lot of peer reviews to get noticed I guess, and certainly you should've been scouted by now.... I'll ask a friend.

What's your prescription? Mine's bad, -5.25 in each eye, and it's been slowly been getting better :p I doubt it, but maybe one day, those drug store glasses might work for me :)

LithiumLover194 responds:

Mines really strong XP so no drug store glasses for me ever. They just keep getting worse. Thanks for giving me a look =) I was afraid no one would notice XD


2014-05-14 06:00:52

Well, you like Teen Titans, any other cartoons you fancy? Just trying to decide what to commission...

I got quoted 500$ for glasses :| So I'm (over) using some expensive disposable lenses for astigmatism (in just the one eye).

LithiumLover194 responds:

I have a stigmatism in one eye too. Its a pain in the ass XD the frames I chose are a little over a hundred, but that's not counting the lenses or the anti glare. As far as cartoons in pretty open to anything. I've seen too many American and anime shows to list so if you're specific in what you want I could look it up easy enough and draw whatever


2014-05-23 16:30:10

Just posted this at the bottom of the front page, "Chicks!! http://lithiumlover194.newgrounds.com/art/#page:1"
When you vote enough, you unlock the ability to post there! Hope it sticks around for a little while...

LithiumLover194 responds:

You're an angel =3