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After this weeks bills come due on Friday, I will have literally $15 in my bank account. And that’s after a scrapped up my my savings and added that to my spending. Between my car needed to be worked on, Christmas, and normal weekly bills, I’m struggling this month. Even like, just two commissions this week will help me get to my next paycheck. Consider please.

Right now my boyfriend is living in his car and I want to raise enough money to get him out of it. It would be nice to surprise him and right now I’m making him a bank account and taking over of his finances. Right now my job at Walmart will take care of my bills, but this is the only way I know to help him.

Trying my hand at print quality, so if there's anything you think would look good as a poster let me know.2833821_145845311973_frostwm.png

Anyone looking for commissions? The bank account is dry and I have bills to pay tongue emoticon I have some large ones in the works, but in need some small quick ones. anyone interested?

Looking for small projects to work on while I'm doing my big project to try and earn some money. Anyone interested in buying a piece? They make good Valentines!

If someone could help out that would be great. I'm not asking for something for nothing, I'll make a piece for you. It's getting hard to make it through the winter. The washer machine is broken and the hot water tank is rusting out so even if we can't pay the mortgage, it'll go to something productive.
I'm growing to hate life XD

I did it! =O

2015-01-07 22:16:32 by LithiumLover194

I passed my borads exam. I can legally embalm now =D

The time has come

2015-01-02 18:01:05 by LithiumLover194

I'm offically taking my boards on monday. Wish me luck 0.0

New COmmission Info

2014-12-28 01:57:15 by LithiumLover194

New commission info sheet. New year, new sheet =)2833821_141974972742_cominfo.png

I need 500$ to take the board exam to become a licensed funeral director. I’m a couple dozen short and I need to take the exam next month. I’m unemployed, so this is my only income. I wont be able to work in a funeral home and make steady income without passing this test, so a lot is riding on this.

So to raise the money to take the most important test of my young adult life, I’m doing commissions =O It would be much appreciated if a couple of people would help me out. My base price is usually 50$ so I would only need like 4 or 5 commissions to cover the rest of the cost.